Property Data
Model U16L-4
Product material Aviation carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Product expansion size 1990mm*1965mm*500mm
Product folding size 840mm*480mm*500mm
Packaging size 1000mm*550mm*750mm
Maximum takeoff weight 34KG
Aircraft weight 12.4KG
Pesticide Barrel 16L(standard a bucket)
Flight altitude ≤30 meters
FlyTime(Unloaded) 20~25 minutes
Fly Time( Loaded) 10~13 minutes when fully loaded
Flight speed 1-10 m / sec
Structure lift span ≥10 years
Spray width 4-8 meters
Hovering in the air Hovering in any direction
Spray flow 3-8L/min double pump adjustable
Spray system Imported high pressure anti-floating atomizing nozzle
Atomization point size 60~90μm
Fly Control Industrial Version GPS and Controller
Spray efficiency 5~6hectares/hour
Safe takeoff and landing wind speed ≤5
Motor speed 5000rpm
Power system 48V power polymer computer battery
Charer style AC Input 100-240V
Lithium-polymer battery 16000mAh*1