U25L-4 can spray orchards through intelligent control. The device can operate autonomously through flight control navigation, and the operator can grasp the current status and progress of spraying at any time through the display. U25L-4 accelerates the formation of an aerosol stream by airflow, which increases the penetration of medicine drops to a certain extent, saving labor costs and labor intensity while being more humane.


1. U25L-4 is not restricted by terrain and height. It takes off from the field to implement crop operations.

2. Handheld ground station equipment can be used for operation. UNID U25L-4 uses long-distance remote control operation and flight control navigation autonomous operation function. Before spraying operations, map the route of the map and enter it into the internal control system of the ground station. With the spraying device, the spraying operation is completed autonomously.

3. While the aircraft is spraying, the progress of the spraying operation can be observed in real time through the display interface of the handheld ground station.

4. The higher and more uniform the coverage density of the spray solution on the unit area, the better the control effect.

5. The spray drop test of liquid medicine reflects an advantage of the loss of pesticides by spraying with drone. The UNID U25L-4 has 8 spiral wings, and the operating height is relatively low. When the liquid spray drops out from the sprayer, It is accelerated by the downward airflow of the 4 rotors to form an aerosol stream, which directly increases the penetration of the medical liquid mist droplets to the crops, reduces the degree of pesticide loss, and the chemical liquid deposition amount and medical liquid coverage are better than conventional Therefore, the control effect is better than traditional, and it can also prevent pesticides from causing pollution to the soil.

Property Data
Model U25L-4
Product material Aviation carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Product expansion size 2150mm*2100mm*620mm
Product folding size 840mm*480mm*620mm
Packaging size 1000mm*550mm*750mm
Maximum takeoff weight 51KG
Aircraft weight 19KG
Aircraft medicine box capacity 25L
Flight altitude ≤30 meters
Fly time(unloaded) 20~25 minutes
Fly time(loaded) 10~13 minutes when fully loaded
Flight speed ≥10 years
Spray width 4-8 meters
Hovering in the air Hovering in any direction
Spray flow 3-12L/min water pump adjustable
Spray system Imported high pressure anti-floating atomizing nozzle
Atomization point size 60~90μm
Fly control Industrial Version GPS and Controller
Spray efficiency ≥10 hectares/hour
Motor speed 5000 rpm
Safe takeoff and landing wind speed ≤5
Power system 56V power polymer computer battery
Charger AC Input100-240V
Lithium-polymer battery 19000mAh*1

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