UNID U25L-4 is made of 4.5mm thick carbon fiber + 7050 aviation aluminum material. High hardness and long service life. Detachable arm, plug-in medicine barrel, intelligent plug-in battery, convenient and fast anti-blocking brushless motor ESC. High-pressure atomization nozzle 60~90μm atomized particles, independent switch sprays alternately. Plan routes independently and operate fully autonomously.

U25L-4 Independent Research and Development Product, Exclusive Design by UNID. Special shaped structure, stable and durable.This pesticide spraying drone can be converted into fertilizer Applicable crops species including rice, cotton, maize, wheat, etc. Suitable for large-scale farm operations. Reduce working labor costs effectively and improve the working efficiency. 

Property Data
Specification UNID U25L-4
Application Agriculture
Material Carbon fiber, Aluminum
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others

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