UNID D22L-4 is a new research and development of a comprehensive drone for spraying medicine and raising fertilizer, which is composed of 4.5mm thick carbon fiber + 7050 aviation aluminum material. 22L max payload, foldable propeller, anti-blocking motor ESC, high-voltage anti-easily spray nozzle. 1080P HD camera 8W LED, night flight function, independent planning of routes, fully autonomous operation, low-voltage out-of-control return, automatic fixed-point and high-altitude, continuous spraying at the point of medicine interruption.

D22L-4 drone is equipped with a handheld mapping device, a brushless waterproof water pump, an intelligent plug-in battery, and an air damping radar, which provides sufficient technical support for the operation of the drone.

Property Data
Specification UNID D22L-4
Application Agriculture
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others

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