In 2021 we take a completely new design.It is divided into the following aspects.

1. The fuselage adopts a closed design, which can prevent pesticides from entering the flight control system and provide safety guarantee for long-term operation;

2. The plant protection machine has built-in GPS and compass module, with fixed-height and fixed-point flight function, which can well maintain the spray height and spray route accuracy of the operation;

3. Using intelligent plug-in battery

4. Use quick-plug medicine barrel

5. High-pressure brushless water pump is adopted, and the ESC is fully waterproof.

6. Wear the case, optimize the whole machine, and hide the medicine circuit.

Our products and services are all over the world, and we are committed to promoting the development of global agricultural automation. At present, more and more countries and regions begin to contact and use our agriculture drone(uav)for spraying and sowing operations.While improving the work efficiency, it greatly reduces the cost of agricultural operations and reduces the working time. We will solve problems for you with our mature technical support and products and services.