U40 is suitable for pesticide spraying in farmland. The device also has a line feed function when spraying pesticides. It can also complete automatic spraying of the area by controlling the background, which greatly improves the work efficiency. After spraying the medicine carried by the 30 kg plant protection drone U40, it can return to the breakpoint to continue the spraying operation, which can avoid repeated spraying. The use of small agricultural drones in large-scale farmland can improve the ability to control pests and diseases in a timely manner.


1. Automatic line-feeding spraying (cycle spraying);

2. Automatic flight spraying at point AB (Plant protection aircraft can automatically fly once and record automatically after spraying);

3. The plot is planned to be sprayed autonomously (the area and terrain of the plot selected by the ground station is determined, and the aircraft can spray spray autonomously);

4. One-click recording of drug-breaking point (after spraying pesticides, spraying of pesticides will be recorded automatically and then return to take-off point to change medicine);

5. One-click to return to the medicine breaking point (after spraying pesticides, spraying pesticides will automatically record the breaking points and return to the take-off point to change the spraying medicine. After changing the medicine, the medicine will automatically return to the medicine-breaking point. If the plane is not at the place, the medicine will not be sprayed, which can avoid repetition spray);

6. Low-voltage automatic return home (automatically record the power-off point during the spraying process and return to the take-off point to replace the battery during the spraying process. After the battery is replaced, the take-off point will automatically return to the drug-breaking point. The aircraft will not spray the drug if it has not arrived, which can avoid repeated spraying);

7. Attitude operation mode, GPS operation mode (when you give up in case of improper operation, the aircraft can automatically return to the take-off point and the fixed point in the sky will not cause a crash or accident);

8. Radar wave anti-terrain height setting operation (after the distance between the crops and the spraying height is determined according to different plots, the spraying process can automatically adjust the height of the aircraft and crops according to different terrain changes);

9. Automatic obstacle avoidance function (the aircraft can automatically avoid obstacles encountered during automatic operation).


1. The airframe adopts a closed design, which can prevent pesticides from entering the flight control system and provide safety protection for long-term operations;

2. The plant protection machine has a built-in GPS and compass module, which has a fixed altitude and fixed point flight function, which can well maintain the spray height and spray route accuracy of the operation;

3. The spraying operation height limit and flight speed limit can be set. The high-pressure spraying system has good atomization effect. Under the wind pressure of the aircraft, the drug mist has strong penetrability. The particles of the drug mist can reach the stem and crops. Leaf facial.

4. Modular design of functional components, easy maintenance and upgrade.

5. Using smart plug-in battery

6. Add radar air shock absorption

7. Using high-pressure brushless water pump, the ESC is fully waterproof. At the same time, the pump increases air shock absorption

8. The wholemachine is optimized and the circuit is hidden.

9. The folding part is 7075 aviation aluminum (high grade), and the arm is folded in the form of thread.

10. Dedicated 30L medicine barrel, increase medicine inlet and medicine outlet, and can upgrade medicine and fertilizer (solid particle fertilizer) machine. There is no longer a need to replace barrels with liquid pesticides and solid particulate fertilizers. Convenient.

Property Data
Model U40
Product material Aviation carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Product extended size 1490*1580*790mm
Product folding size 940*715*810mm
Packaging size 940*715*810mm
Maximum takeoff weight 90KG
Aircraft weight 25KG
Pesticide Barrel 30L
Flight altitude ≤30 meters
Fly time(unloaded) 20~30 minutes
Fly time(loaded) 10~13minutes when fully loaded
Flight speed 1-10 m / sec
Structure lift span ≥10 years
Spray width 6-12 meters
Hovering in the air Hovering in any direction
Spray flow 3-10L/min water pump adjustable
Spray system Imported high pressure anti-floating atomizing nozzle
Atomization point size 60~90μm
Fly control Industrial Version GPS and Controller
Spray efficiency ≥10hectares / hour
Safe takeoff and landing wind speed ≤5
Motor speed 5000rpm
Power system 68.4V power polymer computer battery
Charger AC Input 100-240V
Lithium-polymer battery 30000mAh*1

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