PU-9 silent and over-the-air reconnaissance and inspection drones have high inspection efficiency, greatly reducing the number and inspection time required for photovoltaic power plant inspections, saving manpower operation and maintenance costs, and higher economic benefits. PU-9 Silent Over-Navigation Reconnaissance UAV has high mobility, and it can move freely in the air without being restricted by obstacles on the ground. Aiming at the wide range of photovoltaic power stations and the undulating terrain, using UAV inspections saves time and effort.


1.High altitude lock target automatically follows

2.Long Flight Duration with Strong Battery

Property Data
Model PU-9
Overall Length 2260mm
Overall Width 2260mm
Overall Height 650mm
Max Take Off Weight 25kg
Max Mission Capacity 9kg
Max Flight Duration 75 minutes
Max Flight Height 750m
Safe Take Off And Landing Wind Speed ≤5 Level
Hovering Precision Horizontal±1m
Hovering Precision Vertical±1m
Reconnaissance System #
30x Visibel Light Camera #
64050mm Thermal Imagery #
Lock Target then Keep Following #

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