The AF-16 high-altitude obstacle-free fire-spitting drone is equipped with a fire-sparge pod task module with a fuel tank, an oil pump, and an automatic ignition device. The AF-16 high-altitude obstacle-fire spraying drone can be hovered in front of the wire steadily under the control of a dedicated person. The gasoline is gradually wetted by the injected gasoline, and the operator swings the ignition switch. As a result, a film more than 1 meter long wrapped around the wire quickly melted.

Property Data
Model AF-16
Overall LengthUse Parts 2280mm
Overall Width 1850mm
Overall Height 460mm
Max Take Off Weight 40kg
Max Mission Capacity 16kg
Flight Duration 30 minutes
Max Flight Height 100m
Safe Take off and Landing Wind Speed ≤ 7 Level
Voltage DC 24v
Power 75w
Max Fluid 6L
Max Eruption Distance 3-6m
Oil Requirement 90# or Higher Level
Working Environment ﹣30°C~40°C
Max Oil Capacity 1L
Fire Type High Voltage Pulse

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