On the evening of October 30th, DJI officially released the Mavic Mini, the "little brother" of the Mavic family, and Ai Faner also released the hands-on experience for the first time.

In the next few days, we observed on Weibo and WeChat that many players outside the drone circle paid attention to the Mavic Mini.

This popularity also appeared in May 2017, when DJI released the first drone with "lightweight" and "selfie" as its main selling point-Spark.

However, after gaining attention, Spark eventually became consumers' hands, and subsequently became a high-frequency ash eating product. There is no other reason, short battery life, weak image transmission performance, limited image quality, and small size ... All kinds of limitations make Spark only a short-lived product for DJI to explore the sinking market, even if it has infrared TOF face recognition, palm Selling points such as take-off and flight control.