The PCU-12 over-airline UAV display guide rope is the preface of the tension frame circuit. It has gone through the stages of manpower deployment, airship deployment, and paramotor deployment, and its technology has its own characteristics. The machine show has excellent technology in terms of safety, operability, stability, and ergonomics. The PCU-12 ultra-aviation wired drone is a major trend in the development of guide rope deployment in the future, and the operating cost of the drone is low, no driver is required, and the use of manual deployment guide rope is greatly reduced Security Risk.

Property Data
Model JTI S24L
Overall Length 2340mm
Overall Width 2340mm
Overall Height 530mm
Max Take Off Weight 26kg
Max Mission Capacity 12kg
Max Flight Duration 75 minutes
Max Flight Height 500m
Safe Take Off and Landing Wind Speed ≤6 Level
Lighting Device #
Overall Size 198*178*105mm
Material 7075 Aviation Aluminum
Weight 1 kg
Rated Power 30w
Rated Brightness 4000LM
Spot Diameter 3m
Color Temperature 6500k
Effective Distance of Illumination 300m
Linear Axis of Rotation -
Axis of Rotation 360°
Pitch Axis 360°
Drop Rope Device #
Overall Size 177*110*103mm
Weight 1.1kg
Working Voltage 12v
Motor Power 22w
Motor RPM 6000rpm/min
Output RPM 120rpm/min
Reduction Ratio 1:50
Max Capacity 6kg
Motor Torque 1956mnm
Drop Rope Speed 10m/min

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