The BRO U60 is an innovative agricultural drone that features an integrated design, effectively enhancing the absorption of pesticides by crops and seedlings. Additionally, this advanced integrated design ensures crop safety without causing any harm, thereby significantly improving survival rates. Moreover, this model has the capability to reduce pesticide usage by more than 50%, resulting in reduced production costs and minimizing workers' exposure to pesticides for enhanced safety.


1. Easy portability (the entire machine can be folded and transported).

2. Precise control (full or semi-automatic flight with uncontrolled return flight).

3. Safety and reliability (resistance to wind, rain, dust; stability and reliability; strong anti-interference capabilities).

4. Utilizes industrial brushless motor that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion while producing low heat output for stable operation.

5. Intelligent altitude and speed settings enable semi-automatic flight with only auxiliary battery replacement required before fully automatic flight after adding pesticides.

6. Operating distance ranges from several hundred meters to several kilometers with manual operation by pilots, semi-automatic operation, or computer program control.

Property Data
Spray width 4-8 meters
Hovering in the air Hovering in any direction
Spray flow 3-12L/min water pump adjustable
Spray system Imported high pressure anti-floating atomizing nozzle
Atomization point size 60~90μm
Fly control Industrial Version GPS and Controller
Spray efficiency ≥10 hectares/hour
Motor speed 5000 rpm
Safe takeoff and landing wind speed ≤5
Power system 56V power polymer computer battery
Charger AC Input100-240V
Lithium-polymer battery 19000mAh*1
Model Model
Product Name Agri Spraying Drones
Place of Origin Shandong,China
Application Agriculture, Retail, farming service
Warranty 1 Year
Certificaiton CE,FCC,ISO
After-sale service 24/7 online service
Machinery Test Report Provided
Video outgoing-inspeciton Provided
Key Selling Points Efficient,precision,smart,convenient,durable
MOQ 1 unit

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