U40 adopts the design of aerial spraying, which greatly enhances the absorption of pesticides by crops and seedlings, and the design of aerial spraying will not hurt the crops, which greatly improves the survival rate of the crops. The U60 design can save more than half of the amount of pesticides, reduce production costs, and greatly reduce the time that workers are exposed to pesticides, thereby ensuring the safety of workers' lives.


- Highly integrated module, which is very advanced and easy to make maintenance.

- Ultra-high waterproof performance, can soak into water for 30mins and work normally after taking out.

- strong pressure wind field, strong drug penetration.

- 10 mins fast charging

- Dual RTK module system+GPS positioning system, which can make the positioning more accurate, flying more straight and stable.

- Rotatable camera, which can rotate according to different usage.

- High strength carbon fiber material and structure.

- Gravity sensor, Real-time monitoring of the remaining amount of medicine and fertilizer

Daily Maintenance

1. Every day after the drone is used, it is necessary to maintain the drone and lubricate the bearings with oil (the transmission gear is not point), and to strengthen the structural components and screws of the body.

2. Check whether the connecting rod of the main rotor and the paddle of the agricultural drone is bent, and whether the connecting rod ball head is falling off.

3. Lift the propeller hub to see if the main shaft will move up and down, and check if the bearing screws are loose or loose.

4. Whether the gears of the large gear plate group are damaged, whether the screws of the spindle and the large gear plate group are loose, and whether there is a crack at the contact point between the large gear plate group and the main shaft.

5. Turn the main rotor to eat the pan and the front bevel drive smoothly. If there is an abnormal sound, replace the damaged parts immediately.

Brushless water pump motor, super long life.

Powerful and high efficiency power system working stability

Remote operation, avoid pesticide poisoning.

Intelligent operation mode, easy operation, more efficiency and accurate

Does not have any waste gas, absolute environmental protection

Small size needn’t special landing airport, light weight and easy to carry

Spray pattern can save at least 50%of pesticide use and reduce water consumption, which greatly reduce the extent of resource cost

Alternate spray function, the nozzle can be switched separately.

Property Data
Specification UNID U40
Application Agriculture
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others
Product material Aviation Carbon Fiber+Aviation Aluminium
Product expanded size 2560*2460*790mm
Packing size 940*715*810mm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 90kg
Spray Tank Volume 30L
Spreading tank volume 50L
Spray Efficiency 12ha/H
Spray Width 6-10m
Battery 14S 30000mAh
Battery Warranty 1000cycles
Max Wind Resistance 8m/s
Max Flying Speed 10m/s
Warranty 1 Year
After sales service Lifetime

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