The body of the fire extinguishing drone is all made of new carbon fiber materials to provide a safe and fireproof power system. The digital pan / tilt combines GPS with accurate fire location; real-time monitoring can perform night flight missions; wireless digital transmission to avoid field wiring. Fire extinguishing drones not only can be quickly transferred, but also can be used for fire detection and rapid fire extinguishing in urban high-rise buildings and forest areas on a large scale, so they are widely used in various fields.


The unique folding design of the drone arm of the fire extinguishing drone can make the arm fold down, but it makes the transportation volume of the whole machine small and convenient to carry. It can be equipped with dedicated gimbal, camera, image transmission and other equipment, which can realize multi-purpose functions such as surveying and mapping applications, aerial dynamic detection, security monitoring, and photography aerial photography. Adopting a carefully developed Gemini flight control system, combined with a powerful ground station monitoring system, can monitor the status of two independent sensors at the same time. When any sensor has a deviation or error, it will automatically and seamlessly switch to a backup device and alert the user ( GPS is interfered, the power is insufficient, and the mobile phone will vibrate to alert the user), thereby reducing the system failure rate to a probability that it will hardly occur.

Property Data
Model JTI 24F-6
Overall Length 2260mm
Overall Width 2260mm
Overall Height 530mm
Max Take Off Weight 28kg
Max Mission Capacity 13kg
Max Flight Duration 55 minutes
Max Flight Height 300m
Safe Take Off and Landing Wind Speed ≤5 Level
Dry Chemical Projectile Data #
Sphere Diameter 150mm
Sphere Weight 1150±150g
Alarm Loudness 115dB
Effective Range 3 m³
Fire Extinction Time ≤3s
Working Environment Temperature ﹣10°C~70°C
Fire Extinction Level A/B/C/E/F
Using Method Drop it into Fire Position
Expiration Date 5 years
Suspension and Release Equipment Data #
Net Weight 1.7kg
Overall Size 470*317*291mm
Material 7075 Aviation Aluminum/Carbon Fiber
Voltage 24v
Release Type Single/Double bomb
Suggestion of Release Height 5-50m
Max Capacity 6 units
Communication Connection PMW Signal

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