UNID PU-9 is made of carbon fiber. Two channels for infrared and visible light. One-key auto focus, infrared screen and visible light screen split screen display. Adjust infrared contrast brightness, achieve more real and exquisite image effect. It has the characteristics of strong real-time, fast maneuverability, high image resolution, economic convenience, and can operate in high-risk areas, which is very suitable for emergency rescue of various natural disasters.

UNID PU-9 is equipped with a pluggable intelligent lithium battery, battery life reminder, low-voltage return to home warning, efficient and fast charging, simple operation, high degree of intelligence. 9kg max mission capacity, 75 minutes max flight duration, 30x Visible Light Camera,64050mm Thermal Imagery and lock target then keep following

Property Data
Specification UNID PU-9
Application Surveilance
Material Carbon fiber
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others

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