The VTO-4 drone reconnaissance and inspection drone has the ability to operate at high altitudes, long distances, and fast speeds. It has been widely used in military, reconnaissance, and disaster resistance. With the continuous development of drone control technology, telemetry data chain control, Matching control, GPS satellite positioning control, etc. have become possible. The VTO-4 drone reconnaissance inspection drone operation control process is simple and reliable, stable operation, and the inspection speed is fast, and there is a tendency to replace manned aircraft to perform various tasks.This kind of drone is customized drone. Please provide your request such as flight time, payload,overall length,wing span and we will make it according to your request.

Property Data
Model VTO-4
Overall Length 1970mm
Length of Wing 3600mm
Take off and Landing Vertical
Cruising Speed 80-120km/h
Max Take Off Weight 26kg
Max Mission Weight 4kg
Flight Duration 2h(Battery Power)/7h(Gasoline Power)
Max Flight Height 6500m(Gasoline Power)
Vertical Flight Speed 6m/s
Safe Take Off and Landing Wind Speed ≤5 Level(Rotor Wing Mode)
Safe Take Off and Landing Wind Speed ≤7 Level(Fixed Wing Mode)
Radius of Flight 100km
Reconnaissance System #
30x Visible Light Camera -
64050mm Thermal Imagery -
Lock Target and Follow -

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