The VTO-4 made of materials of Carbon material; Strong and light.Combination of fixed-wing and multi-rotor, high efficiency, without flight runway.Widely used in monitoring, search, power inspection.Fully autonomous vertical take-off and landing High-altitude long-distance fast operation. 4kg payload 100km ultra long distance working radius. 3500m maximum flight altitude. 6 hours long flight time for internal combustion engine, 8 hours long flight time for EFI Engine. 30x visible light camera, 64050mm thermal imaging function.

UNID VTO-4 UAV adopts a high-lift airfoil with a large lift-to-drag ratio and excellent flight performance. It adopts a four-axis rotor and fixed-wing compound mode, which has high speed, long endurance, long flight distance, vertical take-off and straight-down.

Property Data
Specification VTO-4
Application Monitoring
Material Carbon fiber
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others

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